My Badass Vegan Sugar Free Caramel Corn

Okay, so this started out as a plan to make popcorn balls for my daughter, but it wasn’t as sticky as I hoped and wouldn’t hold shape. So instead I put it on a sheet pan and damn, it turned out as some pretty badass caramel corn!

Recipe and Directions:

1. Make a thing of air popped corn

2. Blend all this stuff in a Vitamix or food processor until smooth:

Six or so soaked dates for about 4 hours (Do this before you pop the friggen corn okay? Or use the dates and a bit of water to smooth it out.

1/2 Cup Agave Syrup

2 TB Raw Peanut Butter (I might use more next time)

1 tsp Vanilla

3. Pour the mixture over the corn and gently stir, fold or whatever until it’s all coated.

4. Put it on a baking sheet (I lined mine with parchment paper because I hate cleaning) and cook for 45 mins or so at about 200 degrees.

I took it out when a sample just tasted right. It got crunchier as it cooled. But after a few hours it wasn’t as crunchy so eat it right away.


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