What the heck?

Yeah, I used to eat a lot of meat. Who knows I might go back to it someday. Why did I even start in the firstplace?

I’ve always eaten a lot of meat. I have a Traeger grill and I love smoking pork butts, shoulders and ribs for friends. I know it tastes good. I also work out a ton. I’m a big guy, and typically make time to fit in an hour or sometime two each day to bust my ass. But for the past few years I’ve been maintaining weight, even when I try and cut back some.

Last year our office bought a copy of Tony Horton’s P90X. We’d do group sessions of 6-8 people and I loved the intensity of the workout. Many of us had great results and I was inspired by Tony. He’s old and he’s in great shape. Last year he put out a book called Bring It, and I bought it just so I could read a bit more on how he thinks.

In his diet section he talks about a 30 day “cleanse”. There are so many weird cleanses going around that I instantly thought it would be a load of crap. I assumed there was some weird chemical you’d take and a 500 calorie a day diet. I was way off.

His cleanse wasn’t awesome sounding though, in fact it was a major lifestyle change for me. The plan was simple. Five things you couldn’t have:

  1. Alcohol – could I give that up? Damn I love to drink, and drinking nights with my buddies are one of my favorite things.
  2. Caffeine – seriously? I love lattes. And I’ve heard quitting sucks.
  3. Gluten – There goes some of the stuff I really love.
  4. Sugar – Okay, no sweets. Not too bad.
  5. Animal Products – Hence the Veganism. No animal products allowed! Ouch!

What I found out was that it was easier than I thought to adopt. Sure I had bad caffeine headaches for 3 days, but in all it worked out great. I feel incredible good!


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