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Two Moms in the Raw

I found these at a coffee shop in Santa Monica. The ingredients are things I like and it tastes pretty good too. Find them here:



No, it’s not completely vegan. There is a bit of whey protein, but there are a lot of great nutrients in each shake. I don’t drink it as a meal replacement as much. Mostly it’s a great mid afternoon snack that’s easy to make on the go. When I bought my first packs I thought that the green flavor was gross and I only ate the chocolate. Now I’ve reversed that and I don’t mix anything else in it besides water.

Perfect Oatmeal?

It’s perfect when I’m on the road, but I’d rather be eating my Good Oats. Get it with the dried fruit and nuts for a hearty breakfast that will leave you feeling great! I’m glad places like Starbucks are offering healthier options.

The Naked Truth

I’m on the road a lot, and I’m learning how to eat and snack better while I’m traveling. These Naked Fruit Juices can be found at Starbucks. There’s no added sugar or preservatives and it’s fully vegan and healthy. It’s a lot like what I might juice at home. Plus it tastes great!

Just Fruit Bars

I just discovered these the other day. They make for a quick on the go snack. I think it tastes like a thicker, slightly softer fruit leather (which I like). They are wheat, dairy and gluten free and there are no added sugars and crap. Mine ran about a buck a bar.

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