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My Baddass Vegan Street Tacos

Okay, these may exists somewhere, but I’ve never seen them anywhere so I’ll take credit for now. The idea hit me while looking at a picture of taco meat and thinking that the meat looks a lot like quinoa.

So I cooked up some black quinoa, since it looks the most like ground beef. I used a little less water than normal so that it was stil a bit less cooked and chewy.

Then I put the cooked quinoa in a frying pan like I would have with ground beef. Then I mixed up taco seasoning like I would have with meat and simmered it until the liquid was absorbed. These are unreal good. My daughter ate them up!

For the first batch I just used my taco meat, tomatoes and onions on corn tortillas. My second batch I added vegan refried beans and had some guac. Yum. Next time I might add the taco seasoning to the water when I cook the quinoa and see how that goes. What do you think?


Badass Bars

These bars are badass, kind of raw and used just about everything I had laying around as leftovers from other recipes.

I coursely chopped most of the larger nuts in the food processor:

Uh… I’ll get back to you. I can’t remember the ingredients and the amounts! Sorry!

Badass Vegan Ceviche

I was taking a mini vacation in Scottsdale, AZ and stayed at the fabulous Valley Ho. People at the pool kept ordering Ceviche so I came home and made my own version. It’s amazing!

Curried Quinoa Wraps

These are one of my favorites! To be honest I didn’t like the slaw so I leave it out. It just didn’t fit with the curry. But I did add golden raisins, like a heavy handful, so maybe a half to a full cup depending on what you like. Also, this recipe is good on it’s own as a side. You don’t even need to make it into a wrap if you don’t want. I did make a full recipe and froze the extra wraps, but they didn’t taste very good when reheated. They came out pretty dry. Get the recipe for these wraps at Healthy Happy Life.

Vegan Burritos

Another recipe from Karma Chow. This one is for Tony Horton’s Famous Vegan Burritos. These burritos were one of the first vegan meals I had made. They were fairly simple to make, and I rolled mine with the ends tucked in then tossed each extra one into a ziplock sandwich bag and put it in the freezer. I take one to work each day and put it in the microwave on “sensor reheat”. It’s a perfect lunch on the go!

Spaghetti and Meatballs

I made a big pot of spaghetti and meatballs using the recipe found on Karma Chow. It was super tasty and filling. The meatballs seem to taste a little too beanie to me, maybe next time I’d cut down on the beans and add more rice. I liked the rice texture so much more than the bean texture. I froze the extra meatballs and pull them out a few at a time when I’m making enough dinner for just myself.


Perfect Oatmeal?

It’s perfect when I’m on the road, but I’d rather be eating my Good Oats. Get it with the dried fruit and nuts for a hearty breakfast that will leave you feeling great! I’m glad places like Starbucks are offering healthier options.

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