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Badass Bars

These bars are badass, kind of raw and used just about everything I had laying around as leftovers from other recipes.

I coursely chopped most of the larger nuts in the food processor:

Uh… I’ll get back to you. I can’t remember the ingredients and the amounts! Sorry!


Badass Vegan Ceviche

I was taking a mini vacation in Scottsdale, AZ and stayed at the fabulous Valley Ho. People at the pool kept ordering Ceviche so I came home and made my own version. It’s amazing!

The Naked Truth

I’m on the road a lot, and I’m learning how to eat and snack better while I’m traveling. These Naked Fruit Juices can be found at Starbucks. There’s no added sugar or preservatives and it’s fully vegan and healthy. It’s a lot like what I might juice at home. Plus it tastes great!

Just Fruit Bars

I just discovered these the other day. They make for a quick on the go snack. I think it tastes like a thicker, slightly softer fruit leather (which I like). They are wheat, dairy and gluten free and there are no added sugars and crap. Mine ran about a buck a bar.

Hummus and Olive Stuffed Mushrooms

I came up with this the other day. Super simple, super easy, and raw!

Start with decent sized mushrooms, I used white and brown. Remove the stems by gently rocking them back and forth until they pop out.

Fill with hummus and add olive tapenade on top. (You can make these or buy them at any decent grocery store)

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