The Workouts

I’ve always been a weight lifter. I started lifting seriously when I was a freshman in high school. At the time I liked the benefits, the regimen and basically how it made me feel. It helped me succeed in high school football and wrestling. I also ran. A lot. Running helped me clear my head. I’d run 5-12 miles a few days a week. I was always a bigger guy, at six foot tall I was my weight hovered around 230 for about twenty years. Sure I lost some and gained some (A personal high of about 245!) during that time but I was almost always lifting weights.

I started doing the Tony Horton P90X System in 2010, The workouts were great and I loved the variety. They were intense and Tony was inspiring to watch. I felt that I was in great shape, but I never really lost any weight, but I didn’t follow his diet either.

Later in 2010 I started doing the Insanity Program with Shaun T. Honestly I loved the workouts, they are about as hard as anything I have done and they have so much cardio. We would do group sessions at work and it was a blast. But it was draining.

Every year I’d earn a few minor injuries and some of them derailed my workout plans. Because of this I decided to try yoga. I was too intimidated as a big guy to go to a class so I bought a yoga DVD from my local bookstore. The DVD I bought was Power Yoga by Brian Kest. It was so difficult at first, but I really liked it. After a year or so I tried my first class. I wish I hadn’t been so chicken. Yoga is awesome. My strength and flexibility gains have been huge, even though I’m not packing on the bulk, which is nice.

I started taking TRX classes at my local gym. The TRX system uses two straps to work your entire body. It’s an incredible core workout and now this is all I do for additional strength training. I also bought my own TRX setup, it was under $200 and I take it on the road when I travel. You can’t beat it.

Sure I mix in some things like running bleachers, abs classes and boxing training here and there. But now all I really want to do is yoga at least 3 days a week, get three 4-5 mile runs in and do two TRX sessions each week as well. I love two-a-days, so if I can I’ll toss in some extra playtime if I can.



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